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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Rihanna news!

2004 "Hero" (MC) performance
First of all; some of you might know (and now everyone does :p) Rihanna won a song contest before she rose to fame, and this is her performance of Mariah Carey's "Hero"!
Watch it!

Rihanna & Ne-Yo a new couple? Not!
“The whole Rihanna rumor is absolutely that, a rumor,” Ne-Yo said. “Rihanna is beautiful, and before I worked with her, I did have a little crush on her, but once you work with these people … I get so close to them, because you kind of got to get into this person’s mind to write an accurate song for them. So you get to know a person like that and you fall into that friend zone. That brother-sister-type zone. Rihanna is like a sister to me. But to clear the rumors up, we are really, really good friends. We are very, very close to where she could burp in front of me.”

Third Album
Rihanna's third studio album doesn't have an official title (yet), but... It'll be (possibly) released on June 5th! That's very close to now, and the first single will be called "Umbrella" and will be on the radio starting March 28th (next week!)! I'll post the song as soon as it leaks!

Collabo with Fabolous (clip)
Fabolous has recorded a song with RiRi for his upcoming album "From Nothing To Something" (April 17). The song's called "First Time" and a 1:48 clip has leaked and is downloadable here!

[Source for everything: Oh-Rihanna.com]

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